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Denso Car Tracking offers anti-shatter protection for car windscreens. If the glass is broken, it will hold together and not shatter into dangerous pieces. This is a valuable safety feature for drivers and their passengers. The company also offers a review service to help customers choose the best car tracking system for their needs.

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Anti shatter window Protection

Window Tilting

You can rest assured that your home or car is protected from would-be thieves with the latest in anti shatter protection film. Made by a trusted brand, this high quality product ensures complete safety and security for you as well as those inside!

Window film that’s both protective and decorative? We’ve got you covered with our shatterproof options! Our designs come in different anti-shatter glasses coating elements, which not only act as a durable glass barrier but also add extra finesse for an elegant look. For those who want their homes to be viewed by everyone passingby on the street or highway; we offer many styles of tinted films so they can see what is happening inside clearly without breaking any windows out there (not yet anyway).

The anti-shatter film can be perfectly fitted anywhere around property, and it provides cost effective solutions with immediate retro fit for glass surfaces. Our protective films are manufactured from best shattering proof materials available on market today!

The demand for our security film is on the rise, as it provides guaranteed safety and protection against any form of injury. Our shatter guard window films are tough enough to withstand even extreme scratches or dust without sacrificing its durability which makes them perfect in high-demand nowadays!

The protective window films will help reduce the likelihood of razor-sharp glass splintering from a broken window, so you can stay safe even if it’s just at home. Our products are also effective in protecting your family and loved ones against any potential accidents caused by sharp objects such as shattered glass or metal pieces that could kill them on contact!

Car Trackers Nigeria is here to help you keep an eye on your car in real time. With anti-shatter glass film, we’re guaranteed against color deterioration or distorting overtime! Once installed it can last for life – so call today before this deal disappears forever

Who Use our service?

When you need to protect your property from damage, there’s no better solution than our safety and security films. We’re the most popular retailer in America because we offer an unparalleled product portfolio that ranges all across window protection solutions – including architects’, home owners’ or office space utilization requirements!

Where you can get our products and services

We’re strategically located in 3 central states of Nigeria, Lagos and Abuja. Our expert technicians are able to install any film anywhere across the country quickly with affordability for both residential clients as well corporate ones!

What makes a good window protection film?

There are over 100 brands of protective films for windows in the market, but basically there’s 3 important features you should look out when shopping. These include:

1. Quality of Raw Materials

Window security film is a must-have for any business or home. Our anti-shatter Film is made with quality raw materials, ensuring that your windows are protected from shattering in the event of a break-in or natural disaster. With our lifetime film and labor replacement warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is well protected. Don’t wait until it’s too late – get your security film today!

2. The Adhesive Quality

Made with superior adhesive quality, our tempered glass screen protector ensures a secure and long-lasting fixation between the glass surface and polyester film. In addition to providing UV protection, this product also safeguards your device against scratches and shatters. Ultra-violet inhibitor helps protect your device against fading, and our glutinous adhesive ensures a secure fit.

3. Professional installation

Make sure your family and property are safe with our professional security and safety films installation. Our team of experienced technicians will perfectly install our glass protective films without any disruption to your home or business activities.

How do I arrange for an expert installation?

Our anti-shatter Film is the perfect solution. Our film is designed to keep your windows safe from shattering in the event of a break-in or accident. We offer car window security film for vehicles, and safety film for glass in general. So whichever is your demand, we have you covered. All you need to do is take the measurement of your glass surface before contacting us, and we’ll take care of the rest. Plus, if you’re located within any of our branch offices, we can help you get the measurements and install the film ourselves. Keep your car windows safe with our anti-shatter Film today!

2. After you’ve determined the size of your glass surface, mail a message to with your request and measurement information.

A representative from us will contact you within 48 hours and answer any questions you may have about our goods and services. Our qualified staff will

NB: If you’d prefer that our staff come and take the measurements for you, you’ll be responsible for our transportation and care.



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Thanks for tracking my wife’s car. The process was easy and fast, in less than 30minutes they were done.


Saipem Staff, Port Harcourt

I buy car tracking devices from car tracker Nigeria company and they are the best. I recommend them


Client,Computer Villiage, Lagos

We ‘ve been using car tracker nigeria company as our fleet management company since 2013. we love them.


Sterling Bank, Abuja

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