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Denso Car Tracking is a leading vehicle speed limiter solution provider. We supply our products and services to commercial fleets, taxi companies, and other transportation providers all across the country. Our mission is to make roads safer for everyone by helping to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. Our vision is to be the number one choice for transportation providers looking for a reliable, cost-effective way to keep their drivers and passengers safe.


NCC aPPROVEd vendor for installing speed limiting device

Denso Car tracking company is excited to announce that we can now install and sell vehicle speed limit devices.

This is a relatively new technology that is only authorized by approved businesses, Licensed providers by FRSC are only allowed to install the vehicle speed limit gadget in Nigeria.

We are obliged to provide the service as a complimentary service for our automobile Tracking packages because we are an authorized FRSC installer. In case you’re wondering.

All commercial vehicle owners are required by the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), the country’s leading federal government agency on road safety and traffic monitoring. All commercial vehicle owners must install a frsc minimum speed limit device by October 1st 2016, or face penalties. This decision was prompted by the alarming rate of road accidents on Nigerian roads.

Most accidents are the result of excessive speeding, which is typical among commercial vehicle drivers in Nigeria. Many People’s Lives Have Been Lost Due to reckless driving by many commercial drivers and road users.

The Federal Road Safety Commission has been generous enough to make the maximum speed limit in Nigeria available in all public and commercial media outlets, yet the problem of overspeeding still lingers.

To assist us in keeping our commercial drivers from exceeding the speed restrictions on Nigerian roads, a vehicle safety speed limiter was introduced.

There are no moving parts or fuel valve in the SRIMS, which makes them extremely safe. They’re entirely electrical devices that allow cars to have limited permitted speed limit.

This is a very good development because it will help to reduce the number of road accidents in Nigeria and ultimately save lives.

With more than a decade of expertise in the motor industry, we can provide only top brands of speed limiters because installation and supply is so sensitive.



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Thanks for tracking my wife’s car. The process was easy and fast, in less than 30minutes they were done.


Saipem Staff, Port Harcourt

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Client,Computer Villiage, Lagos

We ‘ve been using car tracker nigeria company as our fleet management company since 2013. we love them.


Sterling Bank, Abuja

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